Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the e-goals patient safety?

There are 3 method to access the e-goals patient safety online reporting system

1) By clicking on the e-goals patient safety link on the front page of this website

2) By entering http://goo.gl/23xroR

3) Using the QR code below :

What if I submitted my data twice on the e-goals patient safety?

Kindly notify the Patient Safety Unit, MoH (03-8883 1199/03-8890 6046) and we will delete the duplicate data.

How frequent should I submit to the e-goals patient safety reporting system?

The e-goals patient safety data need to be submitted once every year on the 1st January to 31st January.

What should I do if I submitted a wrong data entry on the e-goals patient safety?

Submit the correct entry (new entry) and inform the Patient Safety Unit so that we could delete the wrong entry.